- What is SimpleRemote?
SimpleRemote is a universal remote control. We call it simple, because unlike other remotes, anyone can create one easily.

Other remotes use complex electronics and simple software.
SimpleRemote uses ultra-simple electronics and complex software.

SimpleRemote is an electronic circuit so simple anyone can build it. You don't need knowledge or experience in electronics. You operate it with Windows software that is easy to use, and is totally free and open-source.

- How do I start?
Start out by creating the circuit. You can find easy, step-by-step instructions in the circuit page.
Then, download the SimpleRemote software and the definition file for your remote, available in the download page.
If your remote control is not supported yet, add support for it with the assistance of our implementors community.

- I want to help!
The SimpleRemote project is looking for help making it the truly universal remote it should be.
We're not paying, but joining the development is guaranteed fun!
For more information, go to the help wanted page.

- Development
Go to the SourceForge project page.

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